nuclear safety

Sellafield investigation: £380k fine after safety breach

Sellafield investigation by ONR has has been adjourned until the pre-trial review in November. The case relates to a worker who was exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation. Read More

EDF power station: Workers injured in nuclear power plant incident

A ‘steam release’ caused a blast of high temperature steam to escape, injuring three male employees. Read More

£1m fine – nuclear weapons factory safety breaches

An electrician suffered burns to his arm while carrying out routine testing at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Berkshire. Read More

Decommissioning Sellafield: A behind the scenes look at the technology being used

Decommissioning Sellafield is a huge and dangerous task. To mitigate the risk, robotic submarines are being used to safely inspect, clean and retrieve debris from radioactive fuel storage ponds. Read More

Making greater use of data

The data an organisation already possesses is among its most precious assets, but its full potential is rarely exploited. Here Read More

Make safe: High Value Manufacturing Catapult

In October 2011, the government set up the High Value Manufacturing Catapult to help foster growth and success in the Read More

Going nuclear: requirements for site safety

With nuclear power playing an increasing role in the UK’s energy supply, Craig Reiersen looks at three essential requirements for Read More

Nuclear firm receives huge fine for incorrectly disposing of radioactive waste

Sellafield Ltd has cited a technological problem with some new equipment as the reason behind its incorrect disposal of radioactive waste, which cost it £772,635 in fines and costs at Carlisle Crown Court on Friday (14 June). Read More

Heightened cancer risk linked to Fukushima nuclear incident

Certain sections of the population based in Japan's Fukushima jurisdiction are at a higher risk of contracting specific cancers following the nuclear power plant disaster in the region in 2011. Read More

Veterans lose MoD ill-health claims appeal

Hundreds of ex-servicemen who allege that they were made ill as a result of radiation exposure from nuclear tests in the 1950s have narrowly lost their bid to pursue damages claims against the Ministry of Defence. Read More

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