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SHE10 – More passion, fewer procedures urges health and safety champion

Do health and safety because you believe in it ヨ not just because you have to comply with legislation. That was the rallying cry of HSE board member Judith Donovan CBE as she opened Safety & Health Expo 2010 at the NEC in Birmingham this morning (11 May). Read More

Pressure body dismisses HSE strategy as “empty words”

A health and safety campaign group has launched a scathing attack on the new HSE strategy, describing it as a "severe disappointment". Read More

Recognition revealed for commercial value of health and safety

Three in four business leaders (78 per cent) agree that good health andsafety standards are beneficial to their organisation, according to newresearch published by the HSE to coincide with the <a style="color: #0033FF;" name="" target="" classname="" class="" href=";article_id=8889">launch of its new strategy</a>. Read More

One thing is certain in the recession- don’t cut health and safety corners

To back up its message to employers not to cut health and safety corners in the recession, and coincide with the launch of its new strategy for health and safety in Great Britain, the HSE has been working with outside experts to monitor the economic downturn and assess its impact on health and safety.<br><br> Read More

HSE strategy urges all stakeholders to ‘be part of the solution’

Health and safety cannot be contracted out, it is not about ticking boxes, it is at the core of all our businesses, and it is the responsibility of all us to improve and promote it.<br><br> Read More

HSE announces new health and safety strategy

The HSE is to launch a new strategy for health and safety in the workplace in early December. Read More

Paper industry signs up to challenging safety strategy

The HSE's Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) has launched the second phase of its strategy to further improvements in health and safety in the paper sector. Read More

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