IOSH: Call for more information on nanotechnology

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has called for more information to be shared about the growing use of nanotechnology in building materials. Read More

Experts to convene in Malaga to discuss the safety of nanomaterials

Scientists from across Europe will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the safety of nanomaterials and the possibilities for future research Read More

IOM celebrates a decade of research into nanotechnology safety

Scientists at the Scottish SAFENANO centre are celebrating ten years of research dedicated to de-risking innovations in nanotechnology. As nanotechnology Read More

Nanotechnology: safety on a small scale

The use of nanotechnology is increasing, but the associated health and safety risks are not yet fully understood. Dr Wendy Read More

Nanotechnology success relies on safety of nanomaterials, argue experts

Knowledge of the effects of nanomaterials on human health and the environment are still insufficient, according to the world’s leading Read More

Ask the professionals: Nanotechnology

Each month, SHP asks a professional working in a specialist field to share their expertise. Steve Hankin highlights the emerging Read More

Strategy outlines how EU nanosafety research funding will be used

The EU's pledge to spend some €200 million on nanosafety research has prompted the production of the first research strategy for the European Commission. Read More

Researchers pinpoint nanofibre health risk

A study into the health risks posed by nanofibres has quantified the lengths at which they are harmful to the lungs. Read More

Nanomaterials slipping through the REACH net

The European Union's primary regulatory framework for chemicals is failing to identify or control nanomaterials, according to a report by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL). Read More

Revolutionary’ computer touch-screen material could harm health

A material used in computer technology could pose health risks to workers who manufacture it, a new study suggests. Read More

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