mental wellbeing

What problem are we trying to solve with our wellbeing strategy?

Heather Beach draws on the findings from her new book and asks why workplaces sometimes struggle to implement a workplace wellbeing strategy. Read More

Wellbeing: Much ado about nothing?

Dominic Cooper suggests ambiguity around wellbeing is skewing OSH priorities. Read More

Age divide emerging in UK workforce when it comes to workplace wellbeing, according to new research

Working to Wellbeing warns a divide is emerging in the workforce when it comes to attitudes to wellbeing in the workplace. Read More

ISMA UK joins HSE’s Working Minds campaign

The HSE has added the International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) as its latest partner on the Working Minds campaign. Read More

From MHFA to a risk-based approach to mental health and wellbeing

SHP hears from Heather Beach, Founder of Healthy Work Company about mental health and wellbeing being integrated into safety from a risk-based point of view... Read More

Prince William shares insight into the “emotional toll” of air ambulance rescues

Speaking in a recent Apple podcast, The Duke of Cambridge discussed the impact working as an air ambulance pilot had on him. Read More

Wellbeing at work: Developing real leadership buzz

Professor Andrew Sharman speaks on how to sustain and create wellbeing in the workplace. Read More

Improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, including strategies to improve the working environment and reduce people suffering from mental health related issues. Read More

Barbour EHS and Healthy Work Company Partner for Wellbeing Conference during Mental Health Awareness Week

Barbour EHS and The Healthy Work Company announce the launch of a Wellbeing Conference this May alongside Barbour’s newest wellbeing module. Read More

Mental health: Whose role is it anyway?

Following World Mental Health Day, SHP explores mental health in the workplace; looking at young vulnerable workers, the differences between men and women, and mental health in SMEs. Read More

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