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SAFER by decision: How to escape the culture of fear

By Andrew Sharman At a dinner party last night, the conversation turned to work. When asked what I did for Read More

Myth Busters panel roots out safety ‘jobsworths’

Since setting up the Myth Busters Challenge Panel last year, the HSE has received and reviewed more than 200 cases of precautionary advice given by non-regulators ヨ and found that almost all of them have no basis in health and safety law. Read More

A year of exposing crackpot health and safety claims

Bars that refuse to serve alcohol in glasses with handles, burgers that could not be cooked rare, and a council prohibiting the use of a bubbles machine at a child's party Read More

Safety minister heartened by ‘real signs of change’

The minister responsible for health and safety says he is encouraged by Professor Löfstedt's independent assessment of the Government's progress in reforming the Britain's health and safety framework, suggesting there are "real signs of change in the right direction". Read More

Top ten daft decisions revealed by safety regulator’s challenge panel

The HSE's Myth-Busters Challenge Panel dealt with 100 cases in its first nine months, ruling on "ridiculous excuses" relating to everything from knitting needles and chip-shop scraps to reusable coffee cups and yo-yos. Read More

Presenter mocks BBC over alien-discovery concerns

Physicist and TV host Brian Cox has poked fun at BBC bosses for their apparently overly-cautious policy on uncovering life on other planets. Read More

HSE challenge panel kept busy fighting the good fight

If there's something weird, and it don't sound good, who you gonna call? Myth-busters! Read More

HSE backs the Boss in rock-curfew fiasco

"We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong. But there's a code of silence and it can't go on." Read More

Developing the profession – Brand of opportunity

In the first of a series of articles examining what practitioners can learn from the business practices of some of the most successful companies in the world, Peter Roddis looks at how 'brand' has the power to change the world of health and safety. Read More

Volunteers urged to share their views on regulation and enforcement

The Government is calling on those who volunteer to set up and run community events and activities to share their experiences of local and national-authority regulators. Read More

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