Digging: Better damage reporting around pipelines needed, says LSBUD

Richard Broome, Managing Director at LinesearchbeforeUdiG (LSBUD) says the digging industry's reluctance to report damage around pipelines needs to be addressed. Read More

The UK’s safe digging industry ‘more collaborative than ever’, report says

In a bid to help the safe digging industry better protect the UK’s underground network of pipes and cables, and keep those digging around them safe, LSBUD has produced a ‘Digging Up Britain’ report. Read More

UK’s digging community ‘safer than ever’

The UK’s safe digging community has never been stronger, with 84% of all projects now preceded by a search for underground pipes and cables, according to Digging up Britain 2022. Read More

2021 Pipeline Infringement Report highlights data as key influencer in protecting industry

In 2021, there were 314 incidents of workers operating too close to pipelines, presenting a significant health and safety risk to those involved. Of the 314 incidents, 12% came from utilities excavation, an 11% increase on the previous year, according to Linewatch. Read More

Builders urged to stay safe around live cables

Builders are being urged to prioritise electrical safety after the trade was involved in the highest number of cable damage incidents during the past year. Read More

The importance of working safely near pipelines and how people can prepare

Murray Peat, Manager at Linewatch talks to us about the importance of having safe working practices near high-pressure oil and gas pipelines and how health and safety professionals can best prepare people for working near them. Read More

What behavioural changes have utility owners made to help keep people safe?

Richard Broome, Managing Director at LSBUD, talks to us about the changes asset owners have been making in a bid to keep their networks and those that work around them safer than ever. Read More

Safe digging industry improves in 2020

Online safe digging resource LSBUD says it saw more than three million searches for underground pipes and cables pass through its central system in 2020. Read More

The importance of safe digging

Richard Broome, MD at LSBUD, discusses why it’s so important that people adopt good safe digging practices to avoid hitting underground pipes and cables. Read More

71% of all UK excavation work is now preceded by a thorough search for pipes and cables

‘Tipping point’ reached, in terms of safe digging in Britain, as searching revolution leaves workers safer than ever, according to LSBUD Digging Up Britain 2020 report, but there remains ‘work to be done to ensure total safety’. Read More

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