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Government outlines path to light-touch regulation

The Government has announced its intention to expand and extend the Local Better Regulation Office's (LBRO) Primary Authority scheme as part of a package of plans to transform 'front-line enforcement' for businesses. Read More

New approach sets out clear goals for regulators

A new approach to refresh national enforcement priorities for local-authority regulatory services, and help them focus on the key regulatory risks faced in England, is detailed in a new report by the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO). Read More

No trade-off between protection and growth, minister tells regulators

Businesses taking on more regulatory responsibilities and enforcement authorities giving greater recognition to companies' efforts to comply with the law are two of the tenets of the Government's vision for a better regulatory environment, Business minister Mark Prisk said yesterday. Read More

Competence standards for health and safety regulators to be piloted

The drive towards greater competence in the provision of health and safety services has accelerated with the launch of a new pilot programme to implement a set of agreed standards for regulators. Read More

Regulatory scheme to step up a gear following Young review

The Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) is pressing ahead with plans to strengthen the Primary Authority scheme, following the reprieve granted it in the Government's recent cull of quangos. Read More

Regulation watchdog’s role to be examined ahead of quango shake-up

The Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) is to be reviewed as part of the Government's commitment to reduce the number and cost of quangos. Read More

Agencies sign up to joined-up regulation

As part of its aim to make the regulatory system work better for business and help it save money the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) has signed memoranda of understanding with five major regulatory bodies.�€� Read More

Business urged to help shape enforcement priorities

The Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) wants businesses to let it know to what areas of enforcement local authorities should pay most attention. Read More

One for all’ regulation scheme in the spotlight

The controversial Primary Authority approach to regulation loomed large on the agenda of the Local Better Regulation Office's 2009 conference in London last week.<br><br> Read More

Toolkit to help councils plan regulatory activity

Local authorities will now be better able to plan regulatory budgetsand priorities thanks to a new toolkit to help them identify, manageand measure their actions. Read More

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