lib dems

Disqualify directors who ignore well-being, say Lib Dems

Company directors should be disqualified for serious cases of failing to protect their employees' well-being, according to a new policy paper from the Liberal Democrats. Read More

Accreditation of consultants wins cross-party backing

As the nation heads to the polls, the three main parties have indicated that they are broadly in favour of some form of accreditation of health and safety consultants. Read More

Elf and safety’ police? Not if Gene’s in charge!

"Fire up the Quattro and take that bloody seatbelt off, you're a police officer not a bloody vicar!" Do we need a Gene Genie to step in and clean up this health and safety 'mess'? Read More

Rise in assaults on police

More than 17,000 police working days were lost in 2008/09 as a resultof assaults on officers in England and Wales ヨ a rise of 11.2 per centon the previous year.<br> Read More

Brown ‘bullying’ row rumbles on

The Liberal Democrat leader has weighed into the political storm caused by claims that the prime minister mistreated staff. Read More

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