Health and wellbeing: It’s in everyone’s interest

by Jonathan Hughes, associate director, Capita Property and Infrastructure Health and safety has traditionally been focused on the ‘safety’ side Read More

In conversation with Andrew Wolstenholme and Steve Hails, Crossrail

SHP's Roz Sanderson spoke to Andrew Wolstenholme OBE and Steve Hails, Crossrail about the health initiatives in place at Crossrail and the steps being taken to improve the health of employees. Read More

Construction accidents drop by 17% in last quarter

The number of accidents in the construction sector has declined by 17 per cent in the last quarter, according to figures from the Building Safety Group. Read More

Fire walking on a night to rem-ember

Staff from North Lincolnshire's largest landlord took part in a 'fire walking' event last month, as part of a week-long initiative aimed at improving their awareness of the health and safety risks in their everyday work. Read More

Praise for power sector’s safety focus

Parliamentarians have applauded the UK electricity industry's ambition to become a world leader in health and safety. Read More

Cement firm’s invention eliminated work-at-height risk

Lafarge Cement has developed new technology for its road haulage fleet that it says improves safety for its drivers and also reduces the environmental impact of transporting materials. Read More

Power engineers given gas safety training

Integrated power solutions company Merlin Power Management has arranged for its engineers to undertake 'Gas Safe' training courses.<br> Read More

College enrols students on construction plant competence scheme

Cornwall's Duchy College has opened a service engineering and plant operations department, which will train students in construction plant competence. Read More

“Daunting” nuclear-plant cleaning programme proves successful

A seven-year project to clean up the dirtiest area of a decommissioned uranium conversion plant has been successfully completed on time. Read More

Move to fill stress guidance gap

BSI and Nottingham University are developing a standard to helporganisations assess and manage the risks associated with work-relatedstress. Read More

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