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Smartphone technology helps safety while working at height

Powered-access rental company Nationwide Platforms is using Quick Response (QR) code technology on the bases of most of its fleet of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) so that users can quickly and directly access crucial information on lowering them in an emergency. Read More

Safety communication – iPhone app from Sentis

Designed to enhance the delivery of pre-start safety meetings, the Sentis Safe Leader iPhone App is described as a godsend for any supervisor, or group leader. Read More

Apple publishes results of supply-chain health and safety audits

Technology giant Apple has revealed the names of all its suppliers and manufacturing partners, together with the results of its supply-chain audits of compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, after concern had been expressed over working conditions and worker well-being at some of its Asian facilities. Read More

Fire safety – For your information

It used to be said that money makes the world go round but now that we are firmly in the age of information technology, data has taken over as the globe's primary rotational engine. It is therefore crucial, explains Udo Meinhold, to protect data centres from their greatest threat Read More

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