Waste Not Want Not: Tork Study Analyses Motion and Inventory Waste in Manufacturing Sites

Reducing waste in order to increase productivity is a core principle of keeping manufacturing lean, which is why Tork® is exploring how data can help us to optimise worker performance through making operators’ use of time more efficient for both employers, and for them. Read More

Cleaning Up Our Impact: How Tork Bio-based Paper Towels Complement Sustainability

Tork products make more from less and create circularity by helping factories and manufacturers close the loop, like with the Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, 99% biobased, made with 99% plant-based fibres and sustainably sourced. Read More

Efficiency & Hygiene: Standards to meet and Products to greet

Prioritising efficiency with optimum hygiene and cleanliness in food processing facilities is essential to maintaining a strong production line, meeting rigorous standards, and reducing contamination. Read More

Legionella management: Back to basics (part 2)

SHP hears from Antony Paskin, a Senior Consultant at Water Hygiene Centre on his second article for Legionella Management, with a focus on log books, records & dealing with non-compliance. Read More

‘Majority of employees have concerns about using a workplace washroom’, YouGov study finds

YouGov UK employee research, has found that the majority of employees have concerns about using a workplace washroom. Read More

Recycling company fined £200k for poor health and safety management

A waste and recycling company has been fined after HSE inspectors discovered widespread poor management of health and safety risks at a site. Read More

Employer must-dos before inviting staff back to the office

If you’re an employer, before inviting your staff back into the office, it’s important to ensure your workplace has been set up in the right way. Read More

‘Changing Workplaces’ programme investigates the impact of COVID-19 across Europe

An in-depth research programme has been launched by Rubbermaid Commercial Products to investigate the complex changes the coronavirus pandemic has spurred in workplaces and facilities across Europe. Read More

COVID-19 hygiene safeguards: What do SMEs need to do?

Businesses have had to adapt considerably in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, not least in terms of how they maintain a hygienic space. Regardless of the industry, hygiene is now of paramount importance to protect both staff and customers alike. But what is required in order to safeguard a commercial space and how can SMEs protect their premises from the risk of bacteria? Read More

The importance of proper sanitisation and disinfection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses must adapt quickly so that they can open and operate safely again. However, very few people have received the right training in how to address issues presented by the pandemic. Here, Dr. Neal Langerman Ph.D., a chemist with over 40 years’ industry experience explores how businesses can fill this gap in guidance. Read More

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