human error

Human error: Symptom or cause?

Dom Cooper analyses the definition of human error and whether it can in fact be a root cause instead of a 'symptom of systems'. Read More

Just cultures: Culpability and incident-reporting

SHP hears from Dom Cooper on accountability in the workplace, error reporting and the meaning of 'just culture'... Read More

Great expectations: Are high-reliability organisations perfect?

How feasible is high-reliability perfection and does it actually make a difference? In his latest blog for SHP, Dom Cooper Read More

Dominic Cooper: To err is human, or is it?

Dominic Cooper on whether incident investigations are caused solely by the system or person. Read More

‘We need to ask ourselves as leaders, what can we do to improve the workplace setup to support people?’

SHP discusses how organisations can adapt their approach to safety with Diane Chadwick-Jones. Read More

Can accidents caused by human error ever be avoided?

By Mary Clarke, CEO, Cognisco Thankfully major accidents are pretty rare events these days due to the many safeguards and Read More

German train crash: “human error to blame”

A train crash in Bavaria, which left 11 people dead, was caused by human error on the part of a Read More

‘Human error’ caused Alton Towers Smiler ride

The cause of the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash earlier this year has been put down to human error, according to Read More

Avoid the tick-box approach to managing health and safety at work

Mary Clarke, CEO, Cognisco, explains how the tick-box approach to managing health and safety at work can be costly for Read More

To err is human: human error and workplace safety

By Anne Davies and Christopher Adams, Withers LLP A worker installing a robot at a Volkswagen (VW) production plant in Read More

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