HSE Recruitment Network

Insights from the 2024 Health, Safety & Environmental Remuneration Report

SHP hears from the HSE Recruitment Network, which recently published The 2024 HSE Remuneration Report, and with it answers common salary queries. Read More

HSE Recruitment Network and SHP announce 2023 awards collaboration

HSE Recruitment Network revealed as main sponsor and partner of the 2023 SHP Awards. Read More

Report highlights gender disparity in safety sector

Study of 200 health and safety professionals reports issues around senior-level progress and bias. Read More

IOSH President James Quinn on how coronavirus has affected health and safety in construction

Hear from newly appointed IOSH President James Quinn, Senior Health and Safety Manager at Multiplex and Vice-Chair of the IOSH Construction Group, and four recruitment experts give you some tips and advice. Read More

Safety culture: Is offence the best form of defence?

Understanding safety culture and behaviour at one of the UK's defense firms. Read More

Diversity and inclusion in health and safety

Diversity and inclusion was the talking point at the latest HSE Leaders Connect event in conjunction with Women in Health Read More

Register for Women in Health and Safety in Birmingham

Register for the next Women in Health and Safety event, hosted by the HSE Recruitment Network. Taking place on 17th Read More

Podcast with Laura Cleaver: Is the safety industry that male dominated?

In a podcast with executive coach Caroline Arnold, Laura Cleaver, who was recently promoted to partner at HSE Recruitment Network Read More

Wellbeing – an ethical or commercial concern? HSE Leaders Connect

Danielle Stallard recounts the latest HSE Leaders Connect event that took place in Manchester, with important discussions around the value of Read More

Feature: The British Library – ‘Not Just Papercuts’

By Danielle Stallard, HSE Recruitment Network The British Library recently opened its illustrious doors to The HSE Recruitment Network and Read More

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