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Tribe: We’ll practice what we preach

Following the merger of culture change consultancy JOMC and creative communications company Hill Solomon to form Tribe Culture Change, Mark Ormond, its Managing Director, and Creative Director Clare Solomon, say they fully intend to practice what they preach. Read More

Tribe emerges out of company merger

Culture change consultancy JOMC has merged with creative communications company Hill Solomon to form Tribe Culture Change. Read More

Safety management: questions to ask yourself when things go wrong

Clare Solomon and Mark Ormond: Sometimes managers just don't quite realize the domino effect their actions have on the culture of a business. Read More

SHE seminar preview: workplace tribes for a perfect safety culture

The most effective organisations recognise that a strong safety culture is essential for reducing accidents in the workplace. In other words, getting your human performance right by engaging with people in your organisation to achieve a collective, long-term vision. Read More

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