Heather Beach

Beyond Blue Monday

On the year's most miserable day (allegedly), Heather Beach says it's not surprising we're so exhausted, but embracing realistic optimism might just take the edge off. Read More

Women in Health and Safety announce Christmas event

Women in Health and Safety announce dates and the theme for its Christmas event this year. Read More

What problem are we trying to solve with our wellbeing strategy?

Heather Beach draws on the findings from her new book and asks why workplaces sometimes struggle to implement a workplace wellbeing strategy. Read More

‘Psychological safety, diversity and inclusion goes together’ – SHP speaks to Heather Beach

Ahead of EHS Congress in May, SHP catches up with a key influencer in the health and safety sector - Heather Beach on training organisations to have a thriving work culture. Read More

Women in Health and Safety partners with Peoplesafe

Women in Health & Safety (WiHS) has partnered with Peoplesafe, who will be sponsoring the network to provide resource to enable it to 'grow and thrive'. Read More

SHP Awards 2022 – how to blaze a trail in wellbeing

Here, we look at a new category for this year's award - the Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing, and find out what entrants need to show the judges to be considered. Read More

From MHFA to a risk-based approach to mental health and wellbeing

SHP hears from Heather Beach, Founder of Healthy Work Company about mental health and wellbeing being integrated into safety from a risk-based point of view... Read More

The health & safety profession, how is it changing?

We discuss the changing perception of the health & safety profession, and the opportunities for increasing collaboration across teams. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: How to avoid loneliness when working from home

In this article, Heather Beach provides some tips on avoiding loneliness when working from home. Read More

Safety & Heath Expo announces 2022 seminar programme

Safety & Health Expo returns, after three years away, to London’s ExCeL from 17-19 May with a packed agenda of educational seminars, presentations, live case studies, networking opportunities and keynote speeches. Read More

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