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British Safety Council Wellbeing Conference: Empowering Employees for Success

The British Safety Council's fourth Wellbeing Conference is set to focus on employee engagement and empowerment, on Wednesday 24 April. Read More

How music can help to ease anxiety at work

Find out how music therapy and specific types of music can transform your work environment and improve your well-being. Read More

‘Psychological safety, diversity and inclusion goes together’ – SHP speaks to Heather Beach

Ahead of EHS Congress in May, SHP catches up with a key influencer in the health and safety sector - Heather Beach on training organisations to have a thriving work culture. Read More

Leading in health and safety to ensure workplace mental well-being

Leaders' practices can work to ensure and enhance workers' mental well-being. Review the interventions that you can best put into practice. Read More

One in five employers only communicate their menopause support on a quarterly or less frequent basis, says Peppy

Of the employers who offer menopause support, one in five (18%) only communicate on the subject on a quarterly or less frequent basis, according to new research from Peppy. Read More

How to stop your company losing the best talent

Rachel Murray, Head of Employee Health and Wellbeing at Bupa UK, shares how to boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing to support your talent retention strategy in 2022. Read More

Media company launches menopause app to staff

Immediate Media Co has reportedly become the first media business to make the balance+ menopause app available to its staff. Read More

COVID-19 Committee highlights need for a long-term approach to resilience and wellbeing

The House of Lords COVID-19 Committee has argued that a drastic overhaul of the approach to resilience and preparedness is needed. Read More

Health and safety has never been so visible – could we lose focus in 2022?

Simon Walter, Co-Director at Rhino Safety, shares his thoughts on the role health and safety should play in the workplace in 2022. Read More

‘24% of women are unhappy in their jobs due to lack of menopausal support’, says new survey

Over 1 million women in the UK could be forced to leave their jobs in 2022 due to a lack of support as they go through the menopause, researchers have said. Read More

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