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Member grade structure launched by IOSH to “future-proof” profession

IOSH has launched a membership grades structure as it aims to “future-proof” the profession. Read More

Gain Professional Recognition for Environmental Skills with IEMA’s Membership Courses

IEMA foundation and certificate courses equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to drive change, meet environmental challenges and develop sustainable solutions that will make a positive difference. Read More

The Net-Zero Transition: Bridging the Skills Gap

Meeting the ambitious net-zero targets will require professionals with advanced environmental management skills to manage the transition. IEMA is helping to bridge the skills gaps with two flagship certificate programmes for sustainability practitioners. Read More

10 Tips to Get Your Training on Track

Check out these 10 essential tips to guide your strategic approach for using technology, content delivery and course development. Learn how to get your digital training on track today with Intelex! Read More

Training for the future of fire

The FPA delivers hybrid, online, and taught courses for building safety managers (and trainees), clerks of works, estate managers, asset managers, and other learners. Director of Training at the Fire Protection Association, Claire Wright, examines the changing demands in fire safety training and looks ahead to future needs. Read More

Training has never been so real

Traditional training methods such as eLearning and classroom-based are proven to have a lower engagement rate with little to no active interaction in the workplace. VR training has many advantages including its ability to let learners transform their surroundings into typical work-life scenarios. Read More

Manage Your Training Like a Pro

In this webinar, you will see first hand how a digitised system can transform your training management processes as well as learning how to make the transition a successful one. Read More

Astutis Launch the HSE Training Report 2022 to 2023

Astutis announce the publication of the Astutis 2022-2023 Health, Safety and Environmental training report this month Read More

Can gamification give health and safety training a new lease of life?

SHP hears from Kjell-André Steffensen, Partner and Head of Energy, Industry and Marine at Attensi on prioritising a safe working environment... Read More

How the PUWER regulations can help reduce risk in the workplace

Think about how much workplaces have changed, even in just the last 30 years. Whether we’re talking about the office, a construction site, a theme park or a hospital, emerging technologies, better manufacturing processes and automation has seen new equipment brought in to make our work more efficient. This equipment, from a tunnel-boring machine preparing the way for a new underground line, to the (now) humble laptop, often brings risk with it... Read More

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