Health and safety has never been so visible – could we lose focus in 2022?

Simon Walter, Co-Director at Rhino Safety, shares his thoughts on the role health and safety should play in the workplace in 2022. Read More

Figures show agriculture remains the worst performing industrial sector

HSE has published a report detailing that agriculture has the worst rate of fatal injuries of all the major industrial sectors. Read More

Report published into fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry and fishing in Britain

The HSE has issued a report that shows agriculture has the one of the worst rates of worker fatal injury in Great Britain. Last year, 21 people were killed in agriculture, one was a child. Read More

SHE13 – Impact of a workplace incident: the tree surgeon’s story

If you have a health and safety system in place, review and monitor it on a frequent basis. Read More

Unsupervised worker, 16, maimed by defective wood-chipper

A teenager has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression brought on by an incident in which his foot was mangled by a poorly-maintained wood-chipper. Read More

Builder fined after chainsaw rips through contractor’s hand

A builder failed to report an incident in which a sub-contractor suffered serious injuries when his hand was cut by a chainsaw. Read More

Behavioural safety key to forestry industry accord

Driving behavioural change in attitudes towards health and safety is a key ambition of a new agreement between organisations in the forestry industry. Read More

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