food safety and hygiene offences

Food safety round-up: A pub owner changes plea to guilty for food safety breaches and former owner of restaurant fined for hygiene breaches

Former owner of an Oldham restaurant was fined £4,000 for breaching food hygiene regulations. Former owner of a Rogate pub changes his plea to guilty for breaching food and safety hygiene regulations. Read More

Food safety round-up: A customer nearly dies in food allergy case and Director fined for several food hygiene offences

A pizza takeaway owner pleaded guilty to two charges relating to a customer allergy reaction, from eating a pizza, and a pub fined highest ever fine in borough of Waltham Forest. Read More

Food safety news round-up: Nine-month prison sentence for a woman for failing to comply with food hygiene regulations and a takeaway restaurant guilty of five offences

A vegetarian curry restaurant, Saravanaa Bhavan in Tooting, London was fined and ordered to close for cockroach infestation. Read More

Sentencing Council: definitive guidelines

Following a consultation last year, the Sentencing Council has now published its definitive guidelines covering health and safety, corporate manslaughter Read More

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