SHP’s top 10 health and safety prosecutions of 2023

From health and safety failings and negligence to insufficient risk assessments leading to fatalities, have a read of the major health and safety prosecutions of 2023. Read More

“It’s not about us having a seat at the table – we are the table, and we just need to recognise that.” EHS Congress 2023

The sixth annual EHS Congress in Berlin last month focused on mental health, wellbeing, and safety culture. Led by Professor Dr Andrew Sharman over two-days, here we provide an overview of the some of the topics discussed. Read More

Brake calls on UK fleet industry to prioritise road risk management

Road collisions causing deaths and serious injuries that involve vans, trucks and buses are sliding back towards pre-pandemic levels, according to latest government data released for 2021 and analysed by Brake, the road safety charity. Read More

Fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry and fishing in UK report published

The number of people killed in agriculture-related activities in the last 12 months has fallen from its high level in 2021, but the rate of fatal injuries in the sector remains the highest of all major industries according to HSE. Read More

Caring and leisure services have statistically significantly higher rate of coronavirus death, according to latest ONS figures

Building on previous releases that looked at rates of death involving coronavirus by occupation, this bulletin from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) aims to understand the impact of lockdown on these rates. Read More

Rise in workplace deaths revealed in 2017/18 workplace fatality figures

Annual figures for work-related injuries for 2017/18, released today by the HSE, reveal that 144 workers were fatally injured between April 2017 and March 2018 (a rate of 0.45 per 100,000 workers). Read More

‘It will never happen to me’: A harrowing insight into workplace death

Matthew Hazelton told Safety & Health Expo about his personal journey following a workplace incident where two of his brothers and two other colleagues died. Read More

Report: “Pilot errors led to Shoreham air crash”

Pilot errors and ineffective measures to protect the public led to the deaths of 11 people, after a vintage jet Read More

Protecting lone workers is not a choice, it’s a call of duty

Following two health and safety prosecutions at the end of 2016, Klaus Aliion, Managing Director, ANT Telecom, looks at what Read More

Irish workplace fatal accidents down by 20%

New figures show that there were 44 people killed in workplaces in 2016 in Ireland, representing a 21% reduction of Read More

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