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‘Workplace eye care can improve health, wellbeing, productivity and morale’, says employers

A recent study from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare asked over 500 HR decision makers what they thought were the advantages to offering workplace eye care. Read More

Eye care discounts offered to UK workforces

The number of employees being offered Specsavers eyecare discounts through engagement hub, Reward Gateway, has now topped 1.5 million. Read More

Should smartphones be considered as DSE?

Jim Lythgow, Director of Strategic Alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, asks whether smartphones should be covered by Display Screen Equipment regulations. Read More

Eye care for employees who drive

Employers are putting their employees and their company reputation at risk by not providing eyecare for employees who drive, according Read More

Making safety eyewear work for you

In situations where safety eyewear is required, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare believes there are five key factors in enabling employers to Read More

Specsavers eye up carbon reduction

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has published figures that it believes show that its eVouchers and online eyecare management portal has led Read More

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