excavation and tunnelling

Dräger calls for improved safety in tunnelling industry

SHP hears from Dräger who is calling for increased regulation and more detailed safety guidance within the tunnelling industry. Read More

Karl Simons explains the health and safety approach at the Thames Tideway project

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is London’s new super sewer, a gargantuan project that will manage the overflow from London’s Victorian Read More

Explosion in Leicester Square leads to £20,000 fine

A company that was redeveloping Leicester Square as part of a major project has been fined after a worker was caught in an explosion. Read More

Poorly-planned welding work sparked massive blaze

Three workers ran for cover from 20-feet flames after a fire was sparked during welding work on a gas main in Leeds, a court heard. Read More

Worker ducked for cover in quarry blast

Two firms have admitted safety failings after a controlled explosion at a quarry sent rocks flying on to a public road. Read More

House collapsed during poorly planned renovations

A building firm ignored warnings and dug a trench at a residential property, which caused the partial collapse of the house next door. Read More

Unplanned excavation led to serious injuries for worker

An employee could have been killed by the collapse of the face of a four-metre-deep excavation that buried him in earth and rubble up to his waist, according to the HSE inspector who investigated the case. Read More

Hose whiplashed tunnel worker and broke his leg

A construction worker sustained a broken leg when an industrial hose, which was being used in a tunnelling project in central London, broke free from its restraint and struck him. Read More

Council employee tipped off HSE about dangerous excavation

A construction company put the lives of workers in danger by failing properly to plan an excavation at a building site in Rochester, Kent. Read More

Underground cable strike caused jet of fire

A ground-worker suffered burns when he hit an underground electricity cable with a steel pin while replacing pavement edging in Birmingham. Read More

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