Understanding the relationship between the key sustainability principles

Florian Haarhaus, International General Manager at NAVEX, explores common buzzwords around sustainability and the importance of having the right compliance program in place. Read More

Elevating EHS in an era of global trends and regulations

Scott Gaddis at Intelex on the challenges and opportunities in 2024. Read More

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD): How Intelex Supports the Evolution of Materiality and ESG Reporting

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is increasing the ESG reporting responsibilities of many organisations. This Insight Report provides a detailed look at how CSRD expands on existing requirements and what this means for your business. Read More

Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

Get insights into the growing importance of transparent and sustainable business practices in today's interconnected world. Learn about the pivotal role of ESG factors in assessing and measuring sustainability. Read More

Safety leaders ‘at risk’ of breaking sustainability compliance requirements, survey finds

Safety leaders are at risk of breaking sustainability compliance requirements implemented by the EU, a survey has found. Read More

The five elements of a successful data-driven safety culture

A recent webinar with Scott Gaddis at Intelex on implementing a safety culture through data garnered many questions, some of which we were unable to answer at the time. Here, Scott picks and responds to some of those queries. Read More

New ESG reporting for EU companies – what you need to know

The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will affect the ESG reporting of nearly 50,000 companies. Charlie Knapp at Intelex Technologies outlines what to expect and how to prepare for the changes. Read More

Data, data everywhere – managing tech for HS professionals

Scott Gaddis at Intelex Technologies says we should embrace new technology to enhance tired processes. Read More

“It’s not about us having a seat at the table – we are the table, and we just need to recognise that.” EHS Congress 2023

The sixth annual EHS Congress in Berlin last month focused on mental health, wellbeing, and safety culture. Led by Professor Dr Andrew Sharman over two-days, here we provide an overview of the some of the topics discussed. Read More

Be wary of safety’s ‘velvet rut’

IOSH President Elect, Stuart Hughes, says to succeed we need to get uncomfortable. Read More

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Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

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