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The forgotten side of Health and Safety – Premise Compliance, not just tick box safety.

By Clyde Jackett, associate director of health and safety, Capita I have been a health and safety practitioner for 16 Read More

The new CDM Regulation: the role of the Domestic Client

Retired HSE inspector Martin Thurgood gives his thoughts on the role of 'Domestic Client' in the revised CDM Regulation Read More

Bill to curb ‘elf and safety’ culture announced by Ministry of Justice

A bill that intends to reduce the health and safety 'jobsworth' culture has been announced by the Secretary of State for Justice. Read More

The worst things about modern Christmas

As typical seasonal 'elf and safety stories make headlines this Christmas, IOSH surveyed the British public to find out what modern customs they could live without. Read More

Bogus ‘elf and safety excuses worst in the south east

More people in London and the south-east have reported ill-founded health and safety excuses than anywhere else in the UK, new analysis has found. Read More

Myth Busters panel roots out safety ‘jobsworths’

Since setting up the Myth Busters Challenge Panel last year, the HSE has received and reviewed more than 200 cases of precautionary advice given by non-regulators ヨ and found that almost all of them have no basis in health and safety law. Read More

Presenter mocks BBC over alien-discovery concerns

Physicist and TV host Brian Cox has poked fun at BBC bosses for their apparently overly-cautious policy on uncovering life on other planets. Read More

HSE challenge panel kept busy fighting the good fight

If there's something weird, and it don't sound good, who you gonna call? Myth-busters! Read More

Health and safety challenge panel wades into seagull saga

The HSE's new Mythbuster Challenge Panel has handed down its first decision Read More

Independent experts to expose misuse of health and safety

Employment minister Chris Grayling has hailed the launch of a challenge panel that will scrutinise 'risk-averse' or erroneous decisions by non-regulators as another vehicle that will bring "common sense" back to health and safety. Read More

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