duty of care

Webinar: Wellbeing, remote working, commuting – where are the limits?

This webinar, focusing on wellbeing, hybrid working and personal safety, explores new statistics on why & how H&S teams can cover all the new areas they now face. Read More

Returning to work and reasonable adjustments – a guide for employers

Adam Clarke, Managing Director of Praxis42 discusses the points to consider when employees return to work after an extended leave. Read More

What are employers’ responsibilities to staff after an accident?

Dakota Murphey provides an overview of employer responsibilities in the aftermath on an accident. Read More

Campaign launched to tackle crisis on employee safety with new pledge

Peoplesafe is working with Crimestoppers calling on UK employers to focus on employee safety, both at work and out of hours. Read More

Ensuring worker safety and welfare on construction sites

Construction site managers and employers have a duty of care to ensure effective health and safety across their sites. SHP hears from Dakota Murphey on worker safety and welfare... Read More

Employee wellbeing: ‘Why basic compliance is no longer enough’

SHP hears from Peoplesafe, as the company discusses findings from its survey on employee expectation for wellbeing and safety... Read More

Kensington & Chelsea council found liable for effects of Grenfell Tower fire on nine people

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), was found liable for the effects of the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire on nine people, including four deaths, in a judgement passed by the High Court on 28 July 2022. Read More

Employee away days: Where does the duty of care lie?

25 people were treated for burns in June after they walked across hot coals as part of a corporate away day in Switzerland. Outside of the office, does an employer have a duty of care for employees voluntarily taking part in an external activity? SHP investigates… Read More

Organisations worldwide set to increase investment in employee mental health

According to a report conducted by the International SOS Risk Outlook 2022, organisations worldwide are set to increase investment in employee health. Read More

Duty of care: 5 questions you might need to answer to keep you or your directors out of jail

Engage EHS CEO, Darragh Geoghegan, looks at 5 questions you might need to answer to keep you or your directors out of jail. Read More

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