Does health and safety have an image problem?

Understanding the next generation of workers: Insights on expectations of work and perceptions about health and safety

In order to gain greater insight about the expectations and perceptions of the next generation of workers, HSE's Helen Beers invited a group of students who are currently studying science subjects, to discuss their perceptions about work and risks to health and safety. Read More

SHP debate: Does health and safety have an image problem?

How is health and safety viewed now – by workers, employers, the press, and the public: SHP Debate. Read More

Does health and safety have an image problem?

In a recent poll conducted on SHP, 90% of professionals revealed that they think health & safety has an image problem. The subject will be debated by a panel of experts at Safety & Health Expo in June. Read More

‘The problem with Health & Safety’

Subash Ludhra, Managing Director at Anntara Management Ltd, discusses the remit of health & safety professionals, their perception to the public and whether there is a need for an overhaul in job titles and descriptions. Read More

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