Bosses urged to help neurodiverse workers thrive

Bosses must demonstrate commitment to building positive cultures that enable neurodiverse colleagues to discuss needs openly. Read More

HSE acknowledge issue of ill-fitting PPE as regulator engage with SHP

SHP’s Inclusive PPE campaign took a significant step forward as Karl Simons OBE opened communication with the UK health and safety regulator. Read More

Time for change

Ill-fitting PPE can create more risk than protection, and more embarrassment than motivation, says Nadia Hayessenior Senior Category Manager at RS Safety Solutions. Read More

‘Add health as the lens to your business performance’ – British Safety Council Conference 2023

The 13th British Safety Council conference this month had a theme of organisational resilience, covering topics including wellbeing, AI, sustainability, ageism and diversity in the workforce. Read More

PPE: The chain of ignorance

Following from her previous article on inclusive PPE, Katherine Evans analyses the PPE supply chain, and questions where the true issue may lie when it comes to accessing diverse PPE. Read More

Report highlights gender disparity in safety sector

Study of 200 health and safety professionals reports issues around senior-level progress and bias. Read More

“Don’t let anybody knock you down, don’t let anything set you back”

SHP speaks to Carolyn Smith, Director of Health and Safety at VPS, about gender diversity in health and safety. Read More

Pride Month: Five ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace

As Pride festivities are underway for 2023, Health@Work highlights the ways in which a workplace can build an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity, cultivates equality, and allows employees to work at their best... Read More

‘Psychological safety, diversity and inclusion goes together’ – SHP speaks to Heather Beach

Ahead of EHS Congress in May, SHP catches up with a key influencer in the health and safety sector - Heather Beach on training organisations to have a thriving work culture. Read More

‘Don’t wait for failure’ – SHP speaks to Diane Chadwick-Jones, former Director of Human Performance at BP

Ahead of EHS Congress, SHP speaks to Diane Chadwick-Jones on cultural change and improving safety performance. Read More

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