Didcot Power Station

Didcot power station collapse: Concerns expressed over lack of conclusion to the investigation

Campaigners have joined families of four victims to express concern about a lack of conclusion to an investigation into the collapse of Didcot Power Station boiler house, on 23 February 2016. Read More

Final missing body recovered at Didcot Power Station

Thames Valley Police have confirmed that the final body recovered at Didcot Power Station yesterday (11 September) has been formally Read More

Body identified in Didcot power station rubble

A body that was found in the rubble at Didcot power station has been identified, more than six months after the Read More

Body found in rubble at Didcot power station

A body has been found in the rubble of Didcot power station after it collapsed in February this year. Four Read More

Search resumes at Didcot power station

Search efforts have resumed to find the bodies of three men, who died when part of Didcot power station collapsed Read More

HSE issues power station update

A joint statement on behalf of Thames Valley Police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following the partial building Read More

Didcot power station: Four-minute silence

A four-minute silence is being held exactly one week after a fatal collapse at Didcot power station, in which one Read More

Didcot power station collapse: Families of the missing visit site

Following the partial building collapse of Didcot A Power Station on Tuesday, the families of the three missing people have visited the site. Read More

Didcot Power Station collapse: One dead and three missing

A Health and Safety Executive investigation has been launched following an explosion and building collapse at Didcot Power Station in Read More

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