Deregulation Bill: safety exemptions voted through

  The House of Lords has voted in favour of government plans to deregulate areas of health and safety. Clause Read More

The politics of health and safety

The Conservatives talk about 'ending health and safety culture', but in reality, little will change Read More

IOSH 2013 – Convince Cameron on health and safety and you’ll win over the public

The panel debating the impact of the Lofstedt review quickly divided into 'yes' and 'no' camps on the issue of whether health and safety legislation and compliance are a burden or not. Read More

Cameron bemoans health and safety for “holding people back”

The prime minister has again described the application of health and safety laws as a barrier to enterprise, during his keynote speech to delegates at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Read More

Squeeze on budgets must not jeopardise health and safety

Future government spending cuts must not be used as an excuse for putting the safety of public-sector workers at risk. That was the message IOSH delivered to the Government following Prime Minister David Cameron's speech at the Tory party conference yesterday (6 October). Read More

Cameron fulfils pledge to address health and safety regulation

Lord Young of Graffham has been officially appointed as advisor to the prime minister on health and safety law and practice. Read More

Attack dog’ lands health and safety top job

Chris Grayling MP, described in some circles as a Tory 'attack dog', has been given ministerial responsibilities for health and safety in the new coalition government. Read More

IOSH 10 – Top Tory fires a few home half-truths

With a general election ヨ and possibly a new government ヨ around the corner, the chance to hear, first-hand, the views of the man leading the Conservative party's review of health and safety law was too good to miss. Read More

Accreditation of consultants wins cross-party backing

As the nation heads to the polls, the three main parties have indicated that they are broadly in favour of some form of accreditation of health and safety consultants. Read More

Elf and safety’ police? Not if Gene’s in charge!

"Fire up the Quattro and take that bloody seatbelt off, you're a police officer not a bloody vicar!" Do we need a Gene Genie to step in and clean up this health and safety 'mess'? Read More

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