challenge panel

Myth Busters panel roots out safety ‘jobsworths’

Since setting up the Myth Busters Challenge Panel last year, the HSE has received and reviewed more than 200 cases of precautionary advice given by non-regulators ヨ and found that almost all of them have no basis in health and safety law. Read More

A year of exposing crackpot health and safety claims

Bars that refuse to serve alcohol in glasses with handles, burgers that could not be cooked rare, and a council prohibiting the use of a bubbles machine at a child's party Read More

Top ten daft decisions revealed by safety regulator’s challenge panel

The HSE's Myth-Busters Challenge Panel dealt with 100 cases in its first nine months, ruling on "ridiculous excuses" relating to everything from knitting needles and chip-shop scraps to reusable coffee cups and yo-yos. Read More

HSE challenge panel kept busy fighting the good fight

If there's something weird, and it don't sound good, who you gonna call? Myth-busters! Read More

Grayling narrowly avoids falling into own myths trap

Employment minister Chris Grayling chose a conference held today (18 April) on the future of the labour market to publicise the new Myth Busters Challenge Panel Read More

Health and safety challenge panel wades into seagull saga

The HSE's new Mythbuster Challenge Panel has handed down its first decision Read More

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