Chemicals company fined after releasing cloud of chlorine gas into factory

A chemicals company has been fined after releasing a cloud of toxic chlorine gas that spread through its factory, yard and surrounding area resulting in staff needing hospital treatment and significant damage to the factory. Read More

Protex AI raises $18M to protect workers using AI

Irish safety start-up, Protex AI, has raised a total of $18m of investment to help launch its AI powered product in Europe and the US, to empower health and safety teams to protect their workforce with smart technology. Read More

“The ‘big brother’ analogy is not only false, but unhelpful.” – Raj Singh at Crystal Ball discusses in-cab cameras

Fleet operators who cannot see what is happening in vehicle cabs have a risk management blind spot, which can be solved by introducing in-cab cameras, according to vehicle tracking provider Crystal Ball. Read More

How technology can automate COVID-19 safety checks and protect staff

A look at how technology can automate COVID-19 processes within businesses. Read More

Safety and security issues that businesses are overlooking

In 2020, businesses need to prioritise the safety and security of their staff and their premises. And yet there are some issues that can be so easily overlooked. The issue is that these overlooked issues can come back to haunt companies and end up costing a great deal more to fix after the fact. Read More

‘12-hour shifts could damage CCTV operator’s health’

Monitoring center Director says regular 12-hour shifts have a significant negative impact on CCTV operator health and effectiveness Read More

Facilities: CCTV camera settings getting the best picture possible

As part of SHP’s focus on facilities Simon Lambert BSc (Hons), MIET, MASC, RISC, CCTV Consultant, Lambert & Associates looks Read More

FM: 360-Degree surveillance cameras – The benefits of an all-seeing eye

By Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President, Americas, Oncam Grandeye for IFSEC Global Surveillance cameras, video analytics and video management systems are in Read More

Deadly slumber in the recycling industry

The waste and recycling industry has dealt with a series of shocking deaths in recent years. But as Stephen Freeland Read More

Masternaut and SmartWitness offer integrated telematics and camera technology solution

Masternaut announces a strategic partnership with vehicle CCTV specialists SmartWitness, which they say offers the latest integrated telematics and camera Read More

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