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How do business owners view occupational health?

Gill Monk, MD and founder of All Health Matters, talks about the importance of business owners investing in an occupational health service. Read More

Dental problems cost business millions

Businesses are being urged to incorporate dental health into their occupational-health policies, after a survey suggested that more than 415,000 employees took time off work last year on account of oral-health problems. Read More

Budget 2013: Tax relief to incentivise workplace health interventions

Employers will be able to access tax relief for health-related interventions recommended by its planned health and work assessment and advisory service, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced in his Budget. Read More

NHS progress on sickness absence has stalled, says physios’ body

Three years on from a major review of the NHS, which identified the potential for the organisation to reduce sickness absence by a third, progress in this area has been limited, a report by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) has revealed. Read More

Healthy workplaces the key to improving productivity

Employers who create healthy workplaces can reduce employee absence and boost productivity, according to a new TUC publication. Read More

IOSH 2013 – Health and safety is a core value but not a priority, says HSE chair

"I hear so many companies that say health and safety is their number-one priority," the HSE chair Judith Hackitt told a packed plenary session at the IOSH 13 Conference. Read More

Rising costs of H&S compliance eroding business benefits of investment

The benefits of injecting more money into health and safety are being lost against rising costs in complying with regulations, according to a major survey of Britain's manufacturing companies. Read More

Government backs independent assessment service to address sick-note culture

The Government has given the green light to the creation of an independent assessment and advisory service, aimed at stopping people from falling out of work and on to long-term sickness benefits. Read More

Online tools to help SMEs focus on growth not bureaucracy

The Government's determination to reduce the regulatory "burden" on small and low-risk businesses has paved the way for the launch of two online resources of essential but straightforward health and safety advice. Read More

Persuading the board to invest in fleet safety

Road-safety charity Brake has published guidance on how fleet managers can persuade Board members and company directors to support and invest in fleet-safety initiatives. Read More

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