Angela Asks: Kevin Barr, Head of HSEQ at Group Metropolitan

The return of an old interview series, in which I catch up with people who take part in Safety & Read More

‘Burnout is a potent hook for engaging blokes with mental health issues’ – Tough Cookie’s Michael Matania on his upcoming talk

Michael Matania explains how specialists with ‘lived experience’ of burnout are challenging a damaging ‘legacy corporate culture’. Read More

‘Authentic and pragmatic’ – the leadership of Jacinda Ardern

In her first blog for SHP, Louise Hosking commends the leadership of Jacinda Ardern and suggests we can all learn from the former New Zealand PM. Read More

Digital burnout in the workplace and how to avoid it

Dakota Murphey analyses the causes of digital burnout, how we can avoid it, and for employers, protect against it... Read More

Supporting your people to thrive: Leaders’ role in delivering holistic health, safety and wellbeing strategy

Gone are the days when the wellbeing box was ticked by having a fruit bowl next to the coffee machine. But now with the pandemic in the picture, has wellbeing been pigeon-holed to be solely about stress and anxiety? Read More

Government responds to report on workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care

The government has released a report responding to the Health and Social Care Committee’s report on workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS. Read More

‘How can we be more intentional about our wellbeing?’ – Rob Stephenson discusses the growing need for businesses to retain a focus on workplace wellbeing

SHP summarises the key take-aways from Rob Stephenson's talk at EHS Congress 2021, which took place from the 9-10 November. Read More

The health and safety role is changing… again!

Rachel Butler, Head of Health, Safety and Risk at Bruntwood, looks back over the last year-and-a-half and explores how her role has changed and how she has adapted to those changes. Read More

Depression, burnout and how to talk about mental health at work – My story, by Ann Diment

Ann Diment is Director of Work Safe and Well, transforming burned out professionals into resilient and compassionate leaders. She wants to smash the stigma of talking about mental health, to empower everyone to start those ‘difficult’ conversations so they can become more confident and creative leaders. Read More

My experience of workplace stress, in an organisation that didn’t see occupational stress as an issue: In conversation with Kate Field

Kate Field has never had a diagnosed mental illness or received medical treatment for her mental health. But like so many, she has certainly suffered with her mental health. Read More

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