Book: Safety and Health Programs / Workplace Safety

Handbook of Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health — safe work in a safe environment. The challenge, of course, is how to make this Read More

Management Obligations for Health and Safety

In recent years, the safety management field has placed leadership and commitment at the centre of effective workplace health and Read More

Contractor Safety Management

Contractor safety management is often seen as nothing more than a subset of general safety management in that no special Read More

Contractor Health and Safety Compliance for Small to Medium-Sized Construction Companies

This book explores the formation of small and medium-sized construction company’s (SME) compliance with health and safety issues in developing Read More

Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques

Published more than ten years ago, the first edition of Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques provided clear, comprehensive guidance on how to mitigate the Read More

Fire Safety Management Handbook

Safety managers today are required to go beyond compliance with the latest fire codes to implement proactive fire safety management Read More

Creative Safety Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, safety and loss prevention professionals cannot always “go by the book” for the answers to Read More

Health and Safety Management: An Alternative Approach to Reducing Accidents, Injury and Illness at Work

At a time when our knowledge and understanding of health and safety at work is at its highest, statistics show Read More

Global Occupational Safety and Health Management Handbook

This book was written with the belief that everyone globally has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. An Read More

Risk-based, Management-led, Audit-driven, Safety Management Systems

Risk-based, Management-led, Audit-driven, Safety Management Systems, explains what a safety management system (SMS) is, and how it reduces risk in Read More

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Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

Improving Workplace Safety: Personality Assessments to improve organisational safety culture

Strong foundation – embedding safety culture in your frontline workers

Contractor Selection and Management in Times of Labour Shortage

Streamlining your safety processes to drive proactive improvements across your business