The card game, the tyrant and a powerful objectivity technique

Tim Marsh discusses two vital issues about learning and analysis which have implications for safety and health. Read More

Why a good ‘walk and talk’ is so effective – The unseen self-fulfilling physiological science

Tim Marsh attempts to simplify the ‘hidden’ physiological science behind the effectiveness of a walk and talk, as we know that everyone likes to understand why things work well even when they long ago accepted that, clearly, they do so. Read More

No Time to Die… or ‘The name’s Anker… Jason Anker’

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh talks about what James Bond has in common with safety professionals and how safety leadership needs to have substance. Read More

Build it with flowers…

Tim Marsh describes a recent case study of his, that provided an outlook on how managers treat their staff. Read More

How businesses can better support menopausal women

Alaana Woods, Commercial Director at Bupa Health Clinics, says it’s time to put menopause on the top of the business agenda and address the taboo. Here, she outlines some ways businesses can help support women in their organisation. Read More

Instinct, analysis, ‘coupling’ and Elvis

Tim Marsh describes how the ‘coupling’ concept can help organisations minimise the amount of knee jerk blame that can impact on a company’s culture. Read More

Crazy, stupid… accidents

Tim Marsh looks at why safety practitioners should play an active role in a holistic and integrated approach to mental health. Read More

4 ways your mind plays tricks when investigating an incident

This article considers a typical incident investigation and uses it to illustrate four common biases we are all prone to – and what we can do to overcome bias when investigating a safety incident. Read More

Can the spread of workplace illness be avoided, post-COVID, by increased remote working?

A report in the Independent has highlighted that there has not been a single case of influenza detected by Public Health England so far in 2021. Read More

Health and safety… differently

In 2021, long-time SHP contributor Tim Marsh began writing a monthly blog series. Here, we compile all of his short, thought-provoking pieces in one place. Plus, provide a link to all of Tim’s other historical content… Read More

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