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November 19, 2008

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Child Commission staff are “stressed”

The head of the Children’s Commission in Wales has told the Welsh Assembly that his department can’t cope with current stress levels.

Children’s commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, has revealed that the organisation has taken on too much work, with staff struggling with fatigue and stress as a result.

Mr Towler has now begun a review of his department’s methods of work and will urge staff to be selective about what work they decide to undertake. He also hopes to work closely with other organisations to ensure that work is not being duplicated and will look at the possibility of sharing the workload.

The commissioner told SHP: “During the lifetime of my office the pressure on staff has been very high. We have responded to that high expectation by taking on a great deal of work in the hope that this would change things for the better.

“As a result we have always seemed to be on the back foot by reacting and responding to requests and trying to juggle those demands. Hindsight is a great thing, and looking back, I wonder if the office has tried to do too much at once.”

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