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Barbour Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) helps you to improve efficiency,  save time and reduce costs across your diverse range of responsibilities with access to a comprehensive  knowledge-bank of all the essential legislation, guidance, intelligence and practical tools you need to keep you and your organisation compliant, well-informed and always up-to-date on industry developments.

Barbour_logo_RGB@2xBarbour EHS has been helping organisations stay safe and compliant for over 50 years. Get  the most comprehensive and up to date information from over 800 trusted industry sources, and personalise the updates you receive so you can cut through the wealth of updates and get straight to what matters for you.

Resources from Barbour

Barbour webinar: A New Skillset? Employability in the Health and Safety Profession

For the last few years, there has been a growing debate in the health and safety profession, that a new skillset is needed. This webinar examines exactly what behaviors and competencies are required for the modern day health and safety professional.

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Barbour download: fire protection and precaution

This director’s briefing on fire protection and precaution helps to clarify the key information which you should be communicating up to your director. Key information includes; Regulatory Reform of 2005, key responsibilities, risk reduction techniques and legal requirements.

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Barbour Download: April Legislation Update

For many, the end of 2016 into the beginning of 2017 has felt like the calm before the storm. We have been waiting to see the real impact of the changes to the sentencing guidelines, waiting to see when and how long Brexit will take, and waiting for updates on ISO 45001 and The Great Repeal Bill.

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Barbour download: working in cold weather conditions

This employee factsheet on working in cold weather conditions comes courtesy of Barbour EHS and is a great reminder to employees of how they can best protect themselves when working in times of extreme cold.

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Barbour download: Violence in the workplace

In 2013/14 approximately 269,000 physical assaults were reported on British workers. This document provides information about; different types of workplace violence; Identifying the risk early and controlling the risk.

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Barbour Webinar: April Legislation Update

This webinar, sponsored by Praxis42 and hosted by Lyn Dario of Shulmans, and Zoe Betts of Pinsent Masons examine the impact of the sentencing guidelines one year on. With a focus on the Alton Towers and G4S cases, Brexit and what lies ahead.

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