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September 12, 2013

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Fall-arrest workwear – FallX fall-arrest suit


Floeire, part of the Nomex Partner Program, has designed and patented the new FallX fall-arrest suit — workwear that combines a harness and a flame-resistant coverall, and is made from DuPont’s Nomex Comfort.
According to DuPont, the entire coverall is heat and flame-resistant and is CE-certified. In addition to these properties, the suit will also reduce the force of the fall, as the force is absorbed through the whole suit and not just the weight-bearing points on a normal harness, explains the company. The FallX fall-arrest suit is said to weigh about 1.5kg, compared with a conventional harness without a protective coverall, which weighs around 1.2kg.
The Nomex Comfort fabric Ripstop, which is made by Nomex Partner Program manufacturer Sofileta, is described as an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature, meta-aramid fabric, which has no FR chemical treatments applied during the textile process. It does not melt, or drip, and therefore offers the wearer a high level of protection from the risks of heat and flame, explains DuPont.
Owing to its construction, the suit allows freedom of movement not usually possible when wearing a harness. As a result, says the company, it can be worn all day, even when sitting, or crouching.  
The coveralls offer added protection as the harness element is inside the coverall, rather than on the outside, says DuPont. This means the webbing is protected from entanglement and exposure to the accumulation of daily grime and dirt. 
For more information on the FallX fall-arrest suit, e-mail [email protected] or call +44 (0)28 3753 9950.


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