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February 2, 2011

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Anti-slip coating – 28E ARCTEC coating

Metallisation Ltd says its new non-slip, anti-corrosion 28E ARCTEC coating is ideal for use on steel floors, decks and panels in diverse industries, from train steps to oil platforms.

28E ARCTEC coating is described as a thermally-sprayed coating that can be applied with a rough texture and has excellent non-slip properties, while being extremely hard and resistant to wear. Metallisation says it provides a suitable level of grip, to avoid personal slips or industrial skidding; corrosion protection comparable to that of aluminium, as used in aggressive environments; and easy application by a long-standing process, covered by international standards.

Once it is applied, adds the company, site owners can confidently forget about rust or slipping for many years. The coatings were tested for non-slip and durability using a Pendulum Coefficient of Friction (CoF) tester, in accordance with independent British Standards and HSE guidelines. The coating also underwent a range of accelerated corrosion testing, which showed that it provides the same high standard of protection as aluminium.

Metallisation says the coating is currently in use on a twin-platform, offshore LNG platform installation, on its inter-connecting bridge and on the ramps used by forklift trucks to load and unload containers. 
In addition to supplying the new 28E ARCTEC wire, Metallisation offers a complete range of thermal-spray equipment to apply the finished coating. 

For more information on the new 28E ARCTEC wire and coating, contact Stuart Milton on 1384 252 464 or visit

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