December 16, 2022

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“Committed and a real inspiration.” The comments behind SHP’s Most Influential shortlist

Alan Trueman was voted this year’s Most Influential of 2022, part of the SHP Awards. Here we look at others who made the list and look at some of the comments that supported their votes.

Alan Trueman was commended for his work around telecoms safety, in particular the SHIFT working group that he founded which brings together those that work in the telecoms sector and has even succeeded in implementing safety standards for a vertical that until then, did not exist.

He is an excellent example of what it takes to be an SHP Most Influential winner, displaying traits such as passion, belief, and an appreciation of collaboration. That said, all 18 people on this year’s list displayed many of these qualities and as such, we wanted to highlight those who ran Alan close in the race by sharing some of the comments that accompanied their votes.

Shelly Asquith, Health & Safety Policy Officer at Trades Union Congress

Shelly Joined the TUC at the beginning of 2020, achieving a huge amount in a fairly short period. Her sheer drive and determination to ultimately defend workers’ rights shone through in some of the feedback supporting her votes, including:

“Although relatively new in her role she has very quickly established herself as a tireless campaigner for health and safety. She gives generously of her time and has recently taken on the additional role of chairing the Joint Union Asbestos Committee, with the aim of making schools safer for staff and children.”

“Shelly is very passionate about what she does, totally committed and a real inspiration. She would be a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award.”

“Shelly is a brilliant health and safety campaigner and collaborator. Joining the TUC at the start of the pandemic she had to hit the ground running and did a brilliant job highlighting so many issues for workers exposed to Covid at work including issues with RIDDOR reporting and Long Covid. “

louise hoskingLouise Hosking, IOSH Immediate Past President, Director & Founder of Hosking Association & OneWISH Coalition

The former IOSH President has just passed the baton to Lawrence Webb but it’s clear the impact she made was represented in the votes she received, many of which testified to the leadership and passion that she conveyed during her tenure.

“Louise is such a driver of change in the industry and has a long record of excellent work behind her. OneWish with its focus on women at work is an excellent body to lead.”

“Louise’s breadth of knowledge and expertise makes her an outstanding candidate with genuine passion and drive to drive health and safety culture and best practice within businesses.”

“Over the last year, she has made a profound impact on the way IOSH Council operates, which in turn will have a profound impact on the support IOSH gives to its members.”

Scott Carr, Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Harringtons Builders PLC

Scott is an example of going above and beyond, as well as being a patron of the Veteran in Actions charity, an organisation that looks out for former armed forces personnel suffering from the effects of PTSD, the Health, Safety and Environment Director at Harrington Builders PLC, has single-handedly raised funds for the funeral costs for a colleague’s who had committed suicide, which siginificantly supported the grieving family, while also encouraging his firm to set-up an annual financial commitment (via the Teenage Cancer Trust) to a colleague whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.

“He shows determination, commitment, and huge care for his teams’ and clients’ wellbeing.”

“His level of commitment is second to none. A fully deserved nomination.”

“He is proactive in all he does, approachable, and likes to develop relationships and influence situations for the better.”

Steve Harris, Group Head of HSES, Vysus Group

Steve regularly speaks on health and safety at Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen. He has delivered presentations for a swathe of safety groups including IIRSM and is currently working on a book on risk management. However, it’s his work around mentoring and encouraging the younger generation that struck a chord with voters.

“Had a big influence on the safety culture during my time working with Steve, an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“He recently helped and supported me in my decision to go to university for the first time, at the age of 30. He is constantly looking to better everyone around him, and I’m privileged to be able to fall into that category.”

You can find out more about the SHP Awards here including all of our categories, past winners and much more.

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