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May 17, 2021

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Webinar: Creating a culture of compliance

As part of Safety & Health Expo Connect 2021, listen back on-demand and learn what to do if you’ve got a culture of non-compliance or pockets of non-compliance within the workforce

Scroll down to watch this session on-demand.

The agenda

  • What to do if you’ve got a culture of non-compliance or pockets of non-compliance within the workforce
  • COVID-19 – an opportunity to strengthen safety culture within your organisation?
  • How to get board-level buy-in to roll out the health & safety initiatives you know are important
  • Making the most of training and ensuring it’s not seen as a tick-box exercise
  • How to make people want to upskill in health & safety
  • How to communicate the benefits of good health & safety, training and compliance to get real engagement with the workforce

Session highlights

  • “Best thing board can do (to encourage safety compliance across the business) is spend time with the workforce, be available and be seen” – Michael Brown, Citation
  • How do you encourage people to upskill in health & safety? “Make sure the quality and relevance of that training”, “Deliver content in an engaging way”, “They need to understand why they’re doing the training”. Alex Wilkins, iHASCO
  • “Two-way communication is key in creating a culture of compliance!”

The panelalex wilkins

Alex Wilkins Tech.IOSH, Head of Business Development, iHASCO

Alex Wilkins is iHASCO’s Head of Business Development and has been in the Health & Safety and eLearning industry for over 7 years. Alex specialises in core Health & Safety topics such as Fire Safety, DSE and Food Hygiene and has written for the likes of FMCG CEO, Talking Trade, Food Manufacture and Safety and Health Practitioner.

Alex also holds a level 6 Applied Health & Safety NCRQ.


Chris Fuller

Chris Fuller, My Compliance Management Ltd

As one of the founding Directors, Chris has been involved in the development of My Compliance Management into the renowned solution that it is today. Namely that we are the most affordable and functional HSEQ compliance software in the marketplace – with the added benefit that you can also manage your Assets, Audits and Training (including our partnership with iHASCO for eLearning) in an all-in-one solution.

Chris has a great understanding of compliance gained from working with some of the most revered UK businesses and their HSEQ professionals, improving processes, saving time and often thousands of pounds in return

Michael BrownMichael Brown, Citation

With a background in many sectors from research to retail, Michael joined Citation in 2019 as part of the Health & Safety Consultancy Team providing inspections, advice and support to businesses.

In 2021, he moved to the H&S Content Manager role and is working to enhance and develop Citation’s H&S media to ensure that customers have the information and resources they need, presented to them in a format they find accessible.

To date, this has included: Workplace Guides, Webinars and even The Citation Podcast, curated to help customers manage H&S risk within their businesses

Ahead of the session, SHP caught up with the team to find out a little more about what is in store…

What are your top 3 tips for creating or improving a company’s safety culture?

“Our top three tips for creating and improving a company’s safety culture are:

  1. Recognise that there are always areas to improve on and that you should seek constant improvement.
  2. Communicate the benefits of good health & safety to all staff.
  3. Ensure that staff can make the most of training and never treat it as a tick-box exercise.”

Do you think communication channels between safety practitioners and senior management have improved as a result of the pandemic?

“Communication between safety practitioners and senior management has been forced into improvement since the start of the pandemic. As a result of coronavirus, organisations have faced countless challenges that require strong solutions, which more often than not need to be tailored for individual organisations – there is no “one size fits all”. A collaborative effort between senior management and safety practitioners has helped many organisations remain on their feet through the pandemic.”

What benefits does that bring?

“As a result of improved communications to tackle an issue as big as the coronavirus, we hope to see strong communications continue and help organisations crack down on other safety issues that have been present for too long.”

Do you think safety training will continue to be carried out remotely as we return to ‘normal’, or will companies revert to more traditional training format to upskill workers?

“If coronavirus has proved anything, it’s that people can work effectively whilst working remotely. In many cases, organisations are saving money by allowing employees to work from home, and allowing them to complete certain training courses online can also be financially beneficial, as well as being beneficial in a number of other ways.”

Finally, you will be hosting a panel debate on ‘Creating a Culture of Compliance’ at Safety & Health Expo Connect 2021, what can attendees expect from that session and who will it be most relevant too?

“We want attendees to come away from this session with a smile on their faces knowing that they can reap the huge benefits from creating a culture of compliance relatively simply by following the guidance we offer.”

Connect 2021took place online from 1-30 June 2021. It will be the first time the health and safety profession can come together digitally on such a large scale. It presents a unique opportunity for buyers to browse solution providers and products in an innovative online marketplace, connect with suppliers and request live video meetings. The event featured a wide range of product demo videos with live Q&A, plus thought leadership webinars.

Connect took place alongside Workplace Wellbeing Show, FIREX (fire safety), IFSEC (security), Intelligent Buildings and Facilities Show (facilities management). Your ticket will allow you access to content from all co-located events.

Click here to see a full Connect 2021 agenda.

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