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June 17, 2019

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voice first technology

Driving EHS incident reporting with voice first technology

It’s no coincidence that conversational interfaces will help drive incident reporting in the future as we’ve been using this technology every day in our lives without even thinking about it! But how can voice first technology advance incident reporting?

Airsweb KioskWorking in collaboration with IBM and kiosk manufacturer Odema, Airsweb is binding new technologies to extend EHS best practice in diverse hazardous locations using voice first application.

IBM’s Watson and Google’s Voice Recognition enables a voice first kiosk to be the central source and access point for EHS best practice incident reporting and hazard identification.

The ease which on-site workers and contractors can verbally report an incident will certainly help drive a more positive safety culture and identify risk patterns on site. Conversely, it can also deliver real time safety reports with a simple verbal commands.

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