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October 18, 2019

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Workplace Wellbeing Show

Workplace Wellbeing Show: Dates set for 8-10 September, 2020

As more businesses search for solutions, guidance and expertise surrounding the increasing challenges of workplace wellbeing and mental health, HR and wellbeing professionals will come together at the Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020, which takes place from 8-10 September at ExCeL, London.

Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020The Workplace Wellbeing Show takes place alongside Safety & Health Expo and Facilities Show. Supporting wellbeing in the workplace is now unequivocally recognised as essential for businesses to progress, and a key issue for companies who want to provide support for staff, retain talent, and make their workplace more productive. Workplace wellbeing is increasingly included in strategy and financial forecasting.

Workplace Wellbeing Show announces Mind as official Charity Partner

Workplace Wellbeing Show announces Mind as official Charity PartnerMind is the ideal partner for Workplace Wellbeing Show owing to the significant shared values between the charity and the event, including a desire to promote wellbeing best practice and level the playing field for mental health. Workplace Wellbeing Show, which hosts a full programme of seminars and presentations, will work with Mind to broaden its reach and impact for professionals, including HR leaders who wish to foster better wellbeing in the workplace.

Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind, said: “We are delighted to be the Charity Partner for the Workplace Wellbeing Show. Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence so it is vital organisations make the wellbeing of their staff a priority. Smart workplaces are recognising the value of prioritising workplace wellbeing, and as a result, seeing happier, more engaged and productive staff who are less likely to need to take time off sick.”

Call for Papers for speakers is now open. Click here to apply to speak at Workplace Wellbeing Show.

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with Caroline Connelly.

To discuss sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please contact Angela Coffill.

Listen to SHP’s podcast: ‘What is it about burnout that makes us susceptible?

Workplace Wellbeing Theatre

Within the 2019 Workplace Wellbeing Show was the ‘Workplace Wellbeing Theatre’, which highlighted new methods for improving mental health in the workplace. It hosted speakers and panel debates discussing key ideas and developments within wellbeing. There was a also a ‘Healthy Eating Café’, which stressed the importance of diet, and the ‘Wellness Wall’, where experts from IWFM shared their big ideas for tackling wellbeing challenges.

The Workplace Wellbeing Theatre hosted a range of fascinating and informative sessions and panel discussions on key aspects of workplace wellbeing, including ‘Mental Health and the Law’, ‘The Wellbeing Professional of the Future’, ‘Tackling Fatigue in Your Organisation’ and ‘Nutrition as Part of a Health and Wellbeing Offer.’

Ahead of the 2019 event, Brand Director Chris Edwards spoke to SHP…

2019 seminar highlights included:

Supporting employee mental health: Mind’s advice following the Thriving at Work review, Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Mind.

Laing O’Rourke’s 5-year journey to improve health and wellbeing – lessons learnt and ideas that could be replicated in other workplaces, Silvana Martin, Health and Wellbeing Leader, Laing O’Rourke.

Where is the mental health agenda headed in 2019? Panel debate.

Being part of the ‘sandwich generation’, with both younger and older people to look after, and its impact on your health and wellbeing, Karen McDonnell, Occupational Health and Safety Policy Advisor, RoSPA.

Nutrition as part of a health and wellbeing offer, Catherine Attfield, Head of Nutrition and Wellbeing, Artizian and Co-Founder, Nutrition Bites.

Wellbeing at work – differences in what ‘snowflakes’ and ‘baby boomers’ expect from their employers, and the benefits of wellbeing for recruitment and retention, Nichola Ebbern, Associate Director, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure.

Tackling fatigue in your organisation, Marcus de Guingand, Managing Director, Third Pillar of Health.

How your job impacts your wellbeing, panel debate.

Mental health and the law, Heather Beach, Director, The Healthy Work Company.

The wellbeing professional of the future, panel debate.

These features aimed to encourage health and safety professionals to adopt a strategy that embraces new, innovative methods to care for both the physical and mental health of their colleagues. The timetable for next year will be released in early 2020.

Click here to keep up-to-date with information on the 2020 Workplace Wellbeing Show.

A guide to home working

Many businesses have begun to embrace the idea of flexible working and working from home and, in the current climate, more and more of us may find ourselves plunged into doing so for longer than the one to two days a week, which employers and employees adapt to fairly easily.

Safety & Health Expo and co-located shows rescheduled to take place on 8–10 September 2020 at ExCeL London

Safety & Health Expo 2020 and its co-located events, which were originally scheduled to be staged in May 2020, will now be held at ExCeL London on 8–10 September 2020.

Who is Alastair Campbell, inspirational speaker at Safety & Health Expo 2020?

Alastair will be taking to the Keynote Stage at Safety & Health Expo. He will be joined at the show by fellow Inspirational Speakers, Amy Williams and Major Tim Peake.

Meet Emma, the colleague of the future

Researchers have designed what the average office-worker will look in 20 years, to physically show workers the damaging changes suboptimal offices can have on their health.

Workplace Wellbeing Show announces Mind as official Charity Partner

Workplace Wellbeing Show, hosted by Informa Markets, is delighted to announce Mind, the leading mental health charity, as its official Charity Partner.

Workplace Wellbeing Show is looking for speakers. Are you interested in joining the line-up?

Details of the speaker ‘Call for Papers’ for the Workplace Wellbeing Show have been released. The event will take place from 8-10 September, at ExCeL London.

How to stop drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace

Samantha Francis, Training Consultant at SYNLAB, explains the current trends within illegal drug use, and what businesses need to do to prevent it.

Safety & Health Expo 2019: What to look forward to

In the first of a series of blog posts Chris Edwards, Director for Safety & Health Expo, Facilities Show, Barbour EHS and SHP Online, looks ahead to Safety & Health Expo 2019 and talks about some of the things visitors can look forward too.

Get your free ticket to Workplace Wellbeing Show

Search for solutions, guidance and expertise surrounding the critical issue of mental and physical health in the workplace, and join HR and wellbeing professionals at Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020, taking place from 8–10 September at ExCeL, London.

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