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June 1, 2019

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Safety & Health Expo 2019

Training and consulting company will be exhibiting at Safety & Health Expo 2019

CEDROS, the training and consulting industry, will be exhibiting at Safety & Health Expo at London’s ExCeL from 18-20 June 2019.

The 15-year-old Portugal-based company has also got international partnerships in various locations, which enabled it to develop technical consulting and practical training, with focus on specific needs of its clients.

At the show, visitors can get more knowledge on how CEDROS can execute training, at various levels of complexity, and at different locations through its benefits, such as:

  • Expert trainers.
  • Existing Technical conditions.
  • In-house work equipment.
  • Logistics Capabilities

Through its training program, CEDROS creates situations that simulate various scenarios like crushing, rollover and other potential incidents. The integration of more than one pedagogical component allows it to enrich the experience, incorporating more than one risk factor in a single session and thus increasing the overall complexity of the training.

On a training level, the practical component is essential, which is available in its diverse training offers, allowing trainees to gain awareness of the hazards and risks of various activities, as well as the technical complexity when handling different work tools.

For more complex scenarios, CEDROS provides training camps with real scale equipment and infrastructures. This allows it to recreate scenarios very similar to the real working environment, which companies encounter on a day-to-day basis. It also recreates stress situations, with high technical complexity, while taking into account the clients’ specifications as well as the conditions on their own grounds.

As well as its training program, visitors can also gain more information on its Technical Consulting, which is based on studies and research. It will give more insight on how it developed expert knowledge developed, in its  facilities or alongside strategic partners with the community, which has allowed it to interact with the market. Due to our internationalisation and autonomy, CEDROS possesses the logistic capacity and facilities to welcome trainees from all over the world.

To get more information on CEDROS’ training and consulting programs, visitors can go to stand SH3040. Click the link below to register your free place for Safety & Health Expo 2019. 

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