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Jenna Kamal is the copywriter for UBM’s Protection & Management series, including Safety & Health Expo. She is also the resident playwright of Rumble Theatre, where her writing focuses on wellbeing and mental health.
August 21, 2019

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Safety & Health Expo

Traffi’s Head of Marketing, Dean Cracknell, on Exhibiting at Safety & Health Expo

Traffi recently exhibited at Safety & Health Expo, the UK’s leading health and safety event. Dean Cracknell, Head of Marketing, told us what he thought of the show.

‘Quickly and efficiently measure success.’

“I didn’t really know what to expect because it was my first event – and of course – the wider business had a certain level of expectation. We tend to perform well within the London geography, so naturally, we anticipated the show being fruitful for new business. From a lead perspective, we were able to quickly and efficiently measure success.”

‘Leads will comfortably cover our cost.’

“The capture tool lead scanner was very effective in capturing the necessary contact details and feeding those into our pipelines to follow up. Some of the businesses we were meeting were quite large, but those leads are still very much in the prospecting phase and we anticipate a good percentage of traction. If nothing else, these leads will comfortably cover our cost.”

‘Committed to being there next year.’

“In terms of basic business needs, the event was a success. To the point where we quickly committed to being there next year.

“Overall, the geography of the event is great – it’s central, accessible, the show offers a good networking hub and I managed to have some good meetings with media partners. There were 3 or 4 publishers that got in touch before the event who ensured they put time in with me too.”

safety gloves‘It’s almost inexcusable that more people didn’t find themselves being there.’

“We’re based in Hampshire, and it was the worst week for the trains to strike, but it’s almost inexcusable that more people didn’t find themselves being there – not only exhibiting, but visiting and attending.”

‘We captured around 150 prospects.’

“In saying that, footfall was great. By luck, rather than design, we were positioned right by the stages. On each consecutive day, there were speakers who attracted huge crowds. It drove some traffic that we didn’t anticipate. We captured around 150 prospects – roughly 50 a day, which is about what we anticipated. We would have looked to secure a larger space closer to the entrance hall for next year.”

‘Around 50% of the time, we were immediately talking to the right person.’

“We met an eclectic mix of buyers and decision makers – I would say around 50% of the time, we were immediately talking to the right person.”

‘It’s generally our default first choice event.’

“We’re a fairly small business, so we’re light on resource. When it comes to exhibiting, we generally try to explore the geographies and locations that require less travel and expenditure. It wasn’t a challenge to convince the business we needed to take the team down. We booked the space after attending in 2018. I would say it’s generally our default first choice event.”

About Traffi

“At Traffi®, we invented the original colour-coded traffic light system which shows you the cut protection level of your work gloves at a glance. Our innovative and proven hand protection system and safety gloves are reducing hand accidents and saving costs across a range of industries around the world.”

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