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June 12, 2019

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Safety & Health Expo 2019

See the world’s first in-ear, multi-sign health and wellbeing risk warning system at Safety & Health Expo

Precision, in-ear system that detects physiological abnormalities to help protect and preserve worker health and wellbeing, Bodytrak will be demonstrated at  Safety & Health Expo later this month.

Bodytrak, which sits unobtrusively in the ear, tracks a range of vital signs accurately and in real time in order to help reduce injury and risk, and protect worker wellbeing. The device uniquely combines the simultaneous measurement of Core Body Temperature (CBT), Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Volume of Oxygen consumed (VO2), impact/fall/inactivity metrics, noise metering, and includes audio communications capabilities.

The device immediately sends a visual and/or audio alerts to a centralised monitoring station if it detects an abnormality in the wearer’s vital signs, providing an opportunity for early intervention, prevent injury, ill health or worse. Bodytrak’s proprietary algorithms enable real time feedback if there is an indication a worker is suffering from excessive physiological strain (PSI), heat stress, reduced levels of consciousness, extreme fatigue, or high levels of noise exposure. The device also includes fall and impact detection, or for example, if a driver is falling asleep at the wheel.

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It has been created specifically to protect lone workers and teams operating in high-stress or extreme environments, such as field or infrastructure workers and engineers in transport and logistics, shipping, oil and gas, mining, energy, utilities and construction.

The platform is designed to be fully configurable to each customer’s requirements, from controlling data access rights through to bespoke reporting to identify trends in employee wellbeing for risk mitigation. The Bodytrak platform is fully GDPR compliant with industry standard security protocols preventing unauthorised access to the data captured.

For more information, visit Stand SH34100 from 18 – 20 June at London’s ExCel. The team will also be presenting on Bodytrak’s use in a range of different industrial situations, at 15.20 on Wednesday 19 June, in the event’s Safety Technology Zone.

Click on the link below to secure your free ticket.

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