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June 20, 2019

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Safety & Health Expo

Live tweets and pictures from Safety & Health Expo 2019

With over 300 speakers, including keynotes from Steph McGovern, Eddie the Eagle and Johnny Wilkinson, combined with a huge show floor filled with over 270 exhibitors showcasing the latest in health and safety solutions and services, this is Europe’s premier event for the health and safety industry.

See the full list of SHE 2019 Exhibitors here



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Jonny Wilkinson: Courage, resilience and breaking the mould. Read about Jonny’s sensational inspirational speech here.



Karen McDonnell, Occupational Health and Safety Policy Advisor at RoSPA, gave an insight into how policy can drive excellence in the arena of health and safety. She also shared some of the exciting new campaigns that are happening now – and how everyone can get involve – campaigns such as ‘Get a Grip’, which raises awareness about falls from height.



The wellbeing professional of the future

Wellbeing is currently a significantly topical focus, and there is a substantial incline in companies looking for wellbeing recruits. ‘The Wellbeing Professional of the Future’ session provided a hugely informative discussion around what this position within a company might look like in the future, and how it can support businesses to holistically survive.

SHE 2019 Wellbeing Professional of the future


The last Inspirational speech of Safety & Health Expo 2019, Jonny Wilkinson starts his Keynote session on mental health.


IOSH’s session ‘The Sustainable Workforce’ explored cultural, societal and financial imperatives, to help better understand how organisations can protect and make best use of their people – drawing on the experience of delegates from IOSH’s leadership programme, Leading Safely. The session also looked at how a number of interesting external trends are reshaping work environments and practices.





In case you missed it yesterday, Robert Jukes, HSE Manager of Wax Lyrical, has been crowned SHP’s Rising Star for Manufacturing and, subsequently, the overall Rising Star UK.

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Highlights of today include Johnny Wilkinson, who will be taking to the Keynote Theatre at 11:30am.

Arguably one of the best-known rugby players in the world, Jonny Wilkinson CBE famously kicked the drop goal that won England the 2003 World Cup with just seconds left in the final. Much of Jonny’s success on the field, however, took its psychological toll. Jonny has dealt with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. In his honest, unguarded speech, entitled ‘Success on the field and mental health: a personal account of understanding what matters’, Jonny will recount how his focus and dedication to the sport he loves meant overlooking important parts of his life.





John Kersey, author of the SHP online ‘Robot Safety’ series, provides an insightful overview of five major technology trends that will impact health and safety professionals in the near future – trends including: Mixed Reality; Vision Systems; Enhanced Analytics; Adoption of Design Thinking; and Standards and Accountability.


Engaging the workforce in health and safety… and the impact if it goes wrong


Louise Taggart’s brother was fatally electrocuted at work. Lack of leadership cost him is life, she told a packed Leadership Forum session, which was aimed at highlighting the role that leadership plays in effectively engaging the workforce. She was joined by Andy Forbes MBE, Former Director of Health and Safety Improvement, at Babcock International Group, who stressed that leaders need to ‘live and breathe Health & Safety’ and give their workforce the ability to speak up with concerns.

Louise Taggart15:30

RoSPA, official Safety and Health Expo partner, is delivering a series of topical presentations, discussion and talks across the three days. Included in the series today was a presentation on Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR), which highlighted interesting – and concerning – statistics such as: 95% of traffic accidents are caused by human error; it’s usually 5% of the drivers within your business that account for 30% of your violations. The thought-provoking content included the question: “Is it the drivers, or their managers, that create the biggest road risk in an organisation?” and also discussed how you can implement change effectively.

RoSPA MORR Session


To see the full list of all the Rising Star Award winners, click here. 

Winner of Rising Star UK 2019, is awarded to Robert Jukes or Wax Lyrical.


“Discussing the future of the health & safety profession, this panel talked about what the attributes and qualifications of a good H&S professional should be. Maeve O’Loughlin of Middlesex University suggested that businesses should not pigeon-hole people into a technical role, while Aoife Devaney, Assistant Health & Safety Advisor at St George Plc added that going out and asking people the right questions has helped with her knowledge of the profession.”

Aoife Devaney


Will you still need me when I’m 64? Protecting the health and safety of an ageing workforce

Jennifer Webster, Occupational Psychologist, HSE


‘There is still a massive ‘ism’ that we don’t really tackle in the workplace’, said Jennifer Webster, Occupational Psychologist, at HSE, speaking earlier today in the Keynote Theatre about protecting the ageing workforce. If we want to try and improve the environment in which people work, we need to be mindful that age is just a number, she said. The HSE want to work with businesses to find out what they’re doing for their ageing workforce, and want to collaborate and involve them in a research project on the issue. This topic is not going to go away; get on the wagon or get left behind, Jennifer warned.

Jennifer Webster


Breaking news, Karl Simons named as the Most Influential Person in Health & Saftey, as voted for by SHP.

The full list of top-ten can be found here.


“The machine is rarely the problem, more often than not it’s the human that interacts with the machine.”





Kelvin TOP-SET are world leaders in incident investigation and problem-solving methodology. Nikki Curtis has over 13 years’ experience within the Health and Safety profession: in this session she talked about the value of the lessons learned from  planning and rolling out the TOP-SET Incident Investigation System across a major infrastructure company.  Key points covered included: the challenges faced by organisations implementing a new methodology; and how to successfully embed an incident investigation system into an organisation.





Eddie the Eagle

Today at 11:30: Eddie the Eagle on courage and risk – a different perspective What is courage? Is it just about a willingness to take risks, or is it more about being willing to face your fears? What about perseverance, failing but getting up and trying again? And then there’s the courage required to try something new or to try to see things differently. Sometimes the old view is comforting. Sometimes telling yourself that doing something big or rising to the challenge is impossible. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to find an excuse than to find the courage and take the risk.

Also today… The SHP Rising Star Award winners will be announced.




How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent in Health and Safety

Questions debated by the panel included ‘What is talent’ in Health and Safety: discussions centred around the importance of not only core technical skills and competence in a Health and Safety role, but also the requirement for excellent ‘soft’ skills to accompany this – the critical outcome being that you need the ability to be an agent for change, and you must be able to deliver these changes effectively. Another key theme was ‘ownership’: both in terms of companies taking ownership of their talent, and employees taking ownership of driving their own development.

How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent in Health and Safety


Four key aspects of workplace wellbeing

Silvana Martin from Laing O’Rourke speaks on the company’s five year journey to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. The company built a set of clear visions and objectives to follow, which included focusing on four key aspects of workplace wellbeing: Healthy workplace, Fitness for work, Health risk management & Managing key risks and Mental health, lifestyle choices and awareness.


Siemens ‘Talk to Me’ programme aims to shift the focus of conversations about safety and wellbeing, by promoting two key elements – having the courage to intervene, and the character to accept. By enabling all employees to have a voice and be heard, the programme has resulted in people being able to have conversations about the things that matter to them – and that has been the game changer.


Steve Hails, Health & Safety Director, Tideway, speaking about the benefits of employing hygienists during the design and planning stage of a project to mitigate the risk to workers during the construction phase.


Women in Health & Safety: Leading the way and taking risks

Ruth Denyer believes it will take more than one generation of women to make a difference in leading the way in Health and Safety – because the shift is so big and has happened so fast. Ruth said that if she had one piece of advice to give women who want to make that shift, it’s “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” – literally. It can be scary, but you need to tell the relevant people what you want – otherwise they won’t know! Simple, but very true. Great advice – so just go for it!

Women in health & safety

The Women in Health & Safety committee being welcomed to the Keynote Theatre stage



James Pomeroy, Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director at Lloyd’s Register

“Our thinking has changed. We believe that fundamentally, less is more. Our management programme was over 500 pages and it was almost impossible for people to work their way through. They lost sense of what was important. So, in what was quite a bold move, we reduced it by 90% and went from 500 pages to 50. We wanted to simplfy the process, focus on what was really important, what people needed to know.”

James Pomeroy




What does it take to be a good business in the UK today?

Steph not only delivered a really interesting – and highly entertaining – insight into her career to date, but did so at breakneck speed for more than an hour, and without any notes whatsoever! Complete with lots of great humour and hilarious anecdotes, Steph’s talk conveyed her passion about the importance of addressing the current skills gap crisis by increasing access to vocational training and apprenticeships. Another key point made by Steph is the need for businesses – both small and large – to embrace new technology as the number one consideration, and in creative ways, in order to flourish. More than anything, Steph endorses a work ethic of being true to yourself, rather than being the person you think others want you to be; and also to work with everyone – at both ends of the business, from the bottom to the top.

Read the full report on Steph’s session here.

Steph McGovern’s career journey:


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