June 11, 2019

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How to attract, develop and retain the best talent in health and safety

Both the world of work and the world of health and safety are changing. Recruiting and retaining the right people is critical to achieving your strategy as a health and safety team – so how do you position yourself as the employer of choice for health and safety talent? Anna Keen, Director at Acre Frameworks, explains more.

learn-2004900_640For leaders, getting the right people with the right skills in the right roles, and keeping them, is the key to a successful strategy.

“Employment is changing,” said Anna. “Gone are the days when people would be looking for a job for life. Instead, workers are looking to move more frequently in order to obtain new skills and experiences to help them to get to where they want to be.”

It used to be that the longer you were with an organisation, the higher you go up the ladder. “It’s not like that anymore, you need to build contracts that engage both ways. Employers need to ask themselves, ‘how can I make the business better, but how can we make our staff develop as people and make them more valuable.’”

Anna Keen will be challenging a panel of global health and safety leaders to uncover the secrets to attracting, developing and ultimately retaining the best talent in Health and Safety in a panel debate at Safety & Health Expo later this month. The panel will be made up of Graham Finn, Corporate EHS Director at Amazon, Helen Davitt Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager at Vodafone,  Ruth Gallagher, Head of HSSE Operations at APM Terminals and James Pomeroy, Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director at Lloyd’s Register.

Whether you’re currently leading a team, you’re an aspiring leader or you’re a health and safety professional trying to understand who should get the benefit of your talent, the discussion hopes to provide a fresh and inspiring insight.

The panel will explore questions such as:

  • What is ‘talent’ in health and safety?
  • How do you attract talent?
  • What does development mean to you and your team?
  • How do you retain the right people?
  • When do you support them to leave?

“If you’re leading a team, come and find out how to position yourself in order to attract the right talent. But also, from an individual basis, how can you develop themselves and use that talent to benefit the business.”

Catch the session at 16:00 on Tuesday 18 June in the Keynote Theatre at Safety & Health Expo, which is taking place at London’s ExCeL from 18-20 June.

To secure your free ticket, click here.

Meet the Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel.

Visitors to the show can find Acre on Stand SH2292d. From 15:00 – 17:00 each day, why not pop along and discuss something you have learned on the day with experts from the Acre Frameworks Advisory Panel. Snacks and drinks will be on hand and you can also pick up a copy of the brand new Acre Frameworks Research Whitepaper.

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4 years ago

Wish I could attend this just to hear the answer and discussion around the first point ‘what IS talent in H&S?’