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May 2, 2018

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Health and safety qualification for business leaders created

NEBOSH has partnered with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop a new qualification specifically for senior business leaders or those aspiring to this role.

Launched on the 30 April, the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence aims to support leaders who want to make a real difference to health and safety performance and culture within their organisations.

NEBOSH Chief Executive, Teresa Budworth, commented: “This new one day qualification highlights the clear moral, legal and financial business case for improving health and safety culture. It covers the key competencies and behaviours HSE research indicates are associated with health and safety leadership excellence, so that delegates can become better advocates and influencers of health and safety.”

Teresa added: “We are delighted to have worked again with HSE on this new qualification. Our ability to deliver strong, credible professional occupational safety and health qualifications combined with HSE’s industry-leading knowledge and expertise gives real value to our students and their places of work.”

When creating this new qualification NEBOSH and the HSE worked with a range of business leaders, union representatives, health and safety directors, and managers.

HSE qualificationRonnie Miles, Managing Director, at Bells Food Group said: “I often hear fellow business leaders say their biggest asset is their people. If that’s the case, prove it! This new NEBOSH HSE course and qualification will only take up one day of your working year, but it can show as a leader how you recognise that protecting people from ill health and injury is one of your core business objectives.”

Ronnie Miles is the Managing Director of Scotland’s pies, cakes and pastry manufacturer, Bells Food Group. Several years ago, Ronnie (pictured far right with members of his management team) began to invest in health and safety training. He also took the unusual step of taking a NEBOSH Diploma himself to set a good example to staff.

“I wouldn’t expect all leaders to go quite as far as I did! This new qualification is short and focused and highlights how health and safety can support building better relationships through things like leadership walkabouts and conversations, while at the same time having a positive influence on overall performance.”

Bud Hudspith, National Health and Safety Advisor, at Unite added: “Senior leaders need to communicate and deliver good health and safety throughout their organisation, especially targeting their management structure. It can be all too easy for leaders to say all of the right things on health and safety without ever passing it on to their managers.”

Bud Hudspith is Unite’s National Health and Safety Advisor and has been dealing with trade union health and safety issues for over 30 years.

“One important and positive aspect of this new qualification is the partnership between HSE and NEBOSH,” said Bud.

“Having HSE involvement is absolutely crucial as organisations will sit up and take notice of anything that has come through HSE. It is good to see the availability of an accredited course for senior executives when so few are available. Training is needed at all levels of organisations.”

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