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June 3, 2015

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Tensabright lights the way

SMALLtensator_tensabright_wall_mountA hi-vis retractable belt has been launched, which Tensator Group claim is a world first.

Tensabright joins the group’s Tensabarrier product range and will be available across a range of sectors, says the company, including transport, mining, manufacturing, construction, civil engineering, emergency services and education.

The firm explains that Tensabright uses prismatic retro-reflective tape, which enables it to return the light straight back to the original light source, ensuring high visibility and creating a fluorescent effect during the day and a glow in the dark appearance at night. The product’s visibility makes it the ideal solution for highlighting risks and restricting areas, particularly in poor weather and lighting conditions, they add

Ben Gale, Tensator Group’s CEO, explains that the product was originally developed to meet the needs of a specific customer: “Tensabright was initially created following a request from a customer in the mining industry in Poland. However, we soon realised it had much wider potential. The chance of being involved in a workplace accident can be up to 36 per cent higher during hours of darkness. Obviously, there are many reasons behind this, but we knew that Tensabright could have a big impact and help reduce the risks.”

He goes on: “At 500 metres away, the light intensity of the belt is 700 ­ 1,000 candelas; compare that to the intensity of a standard widespread fluorescent light, which is around 135 candelas, and it’s clear to see the impact of Tensabright.”

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